Current Events: Resources

United States Senate

Senate Passes Keystone Pipeline bill

Senate pushes sanction against Iran

Senate votes on Climate Change

Harry Reid will return to Senate next week

Senate continues deliberating AG nominee

U.S. Cuba relations

Lawmakers seek to end travel restrictions  

Raul Castro commands for return of Guantanamo Bay

Cuba’s predicted benefits from mending ties with U.S

Raul Castro warns U.S. on inferring with their affairs

2016 Presidential Election

Chris Christie prepares for 2016 with PAC

Koch Brothers set 2016 campaign spending budget to $889 million

Sen. Lindsey Graham consider running for GOP 

Bush vs. Clinton…again

Clinton vs. Warren, dream match for Republicans


ISIS and Boko Haram

People vs. Boko Haram

Is U.S. aid to Nigeria limited to a hashtag? 

20 people dead in militant attack on Egypt 

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