Meet Our Members: Brittany Plange

Ongoing series focusing on giving our members a platform to voice their experiences and opinions

Hey everyone! I’m Brittany Plange and I’m a freshman studying International Studies. I got involved in this organization by showing up to post fliers on campus last December. There I met Alice and a whole bunch of other cool people and this is the result of that chance meeting. 

I have always been into social justice and I think that’s mostly due to my unique social location. I’m a first-generation Ghanaian who grew up in predominantly white places. When my parents first moved to the United States, we briefly lived in Chicago but then moved to Hammond, Indiana for 5-8 years and then Moore, OK for the remainder of our lives. In both places we were the only people of color on our street. I learned very quickly that because I was black my experiences in life would be different than from those of a white person. I also learned that because I was Ghanaian my experiences would be different from an African-American’s. I do not remember the exact day I learned those things but I do know that ever since that day I have had a passion to figure out why these differences exist.

Because my parents are from Ghana the way they deal with things is different than how most people would. Living in Indiana we had to deal with more than our fair share of racism and discrimination. We were excluded from our church, neighborhood, and even had to drive 30 minutes to a private school because the local public schools weren’t safe enough for me and my sister to attend. But my parents, in light of all of that and some, never let it phase them. We didn’t move churches and we stayed in the neighborhood. My parents didn’t have the need to go out and make the community less racist because that wasn’t their responsibility. Instead, we just lived our lives, and they ensured we could have the same opportunities as anyone else. Ironically, that did ultimately make the community a little less racist. Watching how my parents responded to adversity shaped the way I do now. They taught me to fight for what I believe, stand up for others, and never back down. They told me that we must all do our part to make the world a better place. That is what I am attempting to do by being a part of this organization. So many people, including myself, are suffering in this bankrupt country and around the world and it’s time that changed. Equality, fairness, and justice are achievable and it is our responsibility as the next generation of leaders of the world to make that happen.

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