Name Change

We’ve decided to change our organization’s name to “Students for Social Justice.” When creating this organization, we wanted a noun specific to OU students to describe our intention to create an inclusive, localized community. I grew up in Oklahoma and throughout my formal education was reminded of the glory of Oklahoma’s beginnings and statehood. I ran in a mock land run in the third grade, celebrating the accomplishments of the “Sooners” as many other elementary school students did. Even in high school the consequences of the land run were glossed over; the success and bravery of Oklahoma’s new residents trumped the Native Americans’ deaths and suffering. I’ve only recently realized how emphatically “Sooners” celebrates the genocide of a people. We are sorry to have participated in this trivialization of Native Americans’ historic and current struggles. We’re sorry for our callousness in the naming of this club and sorry that statewide education continues to celebrate the murders of Native Americans.  Clearly, Oklahoma culture celebrates our beginnings and the concept of the Sooners.  We, however, no longer want to associate ourselves with that.

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