It’s hard to believe a place as quaint and friendly as Norman, Oklahoma can foster such hatred. Everywhere we look, people are being oppressed. All over the nation, racism is revealing itself in the most shocking circumstances. Sexism lurks behind the mask of chivalry. Prejudice against religion and nationality persists in less blatant but more deeply rooted ways in the deepest circles of American society. Each and every one of us is affected by privilege or oppression in some way or another, whether it is because of our race, our gender, our religion, our class, or even our size. In seeking justice, it often feels like there is too much that’s wrong and too few who care. Adults say, “Millennials are uninformed. Indifferent. Lazy. Selfish.” We say, “Millennials are the future.” We are Sooners for Social Justice. We are not indifferent. We intend to respond to injustice, not only on our campus, but in our state and in our nation. We desire to educate our surrounding community and continue educating ourselves. Our organization aims to inform students about social injustice and instill a sense of social responsibility and competence in our student body. We meet every Sunday at 6:00 pm to discuss academic articles, studies, and current events, as well as brainstorm ways to combat injustice and encourage positive social change. This blog, run by our members, is a platform to create an open dialogue on issues of social justice and voice very real experiences of discrimination. Blog posts will include members’ personal experiences, opinions on current events, resources to learn more, and educational posts that discuss privilege and the intersectionality of oppression.  We want to hear your voice. Tell us what you think. Like our Facebook page, follow our blog, join our email list, comment on our posts.

We ourselves are students, and we realize that activism possesses a vocabulary and paradigm that may not be familiar to some. We know that our readers may have some questions, such as:

  • What is social justice?
  • What exactly is privilege, and how does it affect me and those around me on a daily basis?
  • What can I do to help with the issues I feel strongly about?

We hope to help you answer those questions and begin your own personal journey to making this world a better place! Our goal is to educate and continue learning ourselves. This is a safe space; feedback and discussion are encouraged, but we call upon our supporters to always be respectful and open-minded when considering topics and viewpoints that may be uncomfortable to confront or challenge deeply held beliefs and assumptions.