Meet Our Members: Natasha Hadijjah Sebunya

Ongoing series focusing on giving our members a platform to voice their experiences and opinions

Dinau Mengestu tells a story about a strange village. They’re the things of folklore. African tradition (my tradition) is rich in stories. The strange village is so because it disappears with the sun. When night falls, all the things inside the village–like the buildings, the market place, the houses, the courthouse, the mini-police station–everything goes, even the mango tree in the backyard and the tyre swing underneath it. Everything goes away except for the people. The people have an obligation: They have to dream about the village to make sure that it comes back with the sun. For a while everything is okay, and everyone likes to dream about their home, but as time passes, the people get bored. They wish they could dream about different things, like the stars above, or their neighbors’ houses, or the cashew trees that cannot grow in their village. The elders warn the villagers, they tell them about their obligations, and, although some rebel, enough take heed. But as time passes, they grow restless again. At the brink of revolt, one man that no one had heard of gets onto the radio and tells the people that he will take on the task of dreaming about the city. The people agree and each night they dream new things and they are happy. After too long of a while, the people realize that things are missing in the village, but they cannot remember what was and what was not, and surely enough the village disappears altogether.

My name is Natasha Hadijjah Sebunya and I strongly believe that even though one man can change the world, no one man should change the world.