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2015 State of the Union

Transcript: Obama’s State of the Union address 2015

Republican Responses: Republicans reject Obama’s economic proposals

Republican Responses: Four republicans rebut Obama’s State of the Union speech – and expose their own internal divisions

What didn’t make the SOTU: Obama avoided immigration, ObamaCare, gun control, and campaign finance reforms

What didn’t make the SOTU: Obama makes no mention of Boko Haram 

What didn’t make the SOTU: Obama discusses Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan far less than in previous speeches

SOTU and the economy: Obama’s proposals add to growing 2016 debate

SOTU and the economy: A view of the economy from ground level

SOTU and the economy: But is the economy fixed?

On terrorism, the State of the Union is strangely quiet

Obama warns against terrorist fear factor

Obama confronts race relations and Ferguson

Obama mentions policing in address, but no Ferguson-related guests in audience

Police brutality activists angry Obama glossed over Ferguson ‘events’


U.S. not expected to fault Darren Wilson

Judge rejects request for new Ferguson grand jury

Push in Ferguson for criminal justice reform draws comparisons to 60’s fight for civil rights

Climate Change

Senate votes 98-1 that climate change is real and not a hoax

Obama: No greater threat to future than climate change

Everyday climate change in photos

Op Ed: Dangerously in denial on climate change

Pope’s climate-change stance deepens conservatives’ distrust

Boko Haram

Boko Haram boasts of slaughter as it rampages in Cameroon and Nigeria

Freed German hostage calls Boko Haram captivity ‘total darkness’

Boastful Boko Haram leader throws down gauntlet to ‘kings of Africa,’ saying ‘come and get me’ 

Boko Haram leader claims Baga raid

As Nigerian election nears, Boko Haram looms large

United States intervention in Nigeria is complicated, officials say

U.S. Secretary of State says Boko Haram attacks are threat to humanity

Hillary Clinton’s refusal to put Boko Haram on terrorist list will hurt her in 2016

U.S. says Nigeria vote a factor in Boko Haram attacks

Boko Haram affects west Africa in its entirety because the Nigerian government isn’t doing enough to stop it

With schoolgirls taken by Boko Haram still missing, U.S.-Nigeria ties falter

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